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Get to know Adaptive Freedom Foundation

Hello everyone.

With so many new followers now is a good time to talk about who we are and what we do❤️

Adaptive Freedom Foundation, a 501(c) 3 nonprofit, provides WASUP, or Wheelchair Adapted Stand Up Paddle boards for those with various disabilities. The AFF engineered WASUP board secures a wheelchair onto a paddle board and allows those with disabilities, balance challenges, or those who simply need an extra bit of assistance the opportunity to enjoy an amazing time out on the water. This board is a resource for the population of people with disabilities that are often limited and excluded by society's beliefs, lack of adaptive equipment, and lack of creativity to participate in building a healthy lifestyle and breaking the social norm of what is considered "impossible". AFF has built a culture around the ideology that disabilities are not a reason to be excluded; instead, AFF welcomes people with all disabilities and provides a chance for the participants and their families to safely have fun on the water.

AFF is committed to providing an exhilarating experience on the water that ultimately disproves what is often believed to be a non-accessible or impossible activity, stand up paddle boarding from a wheelchair. If the world views sports and activities as a way to improve quality of life, build confidence, improve physical fitness, and improve emotional well-being, then there should be more of a reason and effort from everyone to not exclude those with disabilities. If these facts are not only believed, but are scientifically proven, then why not create a way for everyone to enjoy the same opportunity of an improved quality of life?

The AFF team is committed to bringing awareness and promoting adaptive non-accessible water activities. If AFF is capable of floating a wheelchair on the water utilizing an engineered paddle board, then the only limitation for including people with disabilities in various activities is those imaginations not being used with a different set of goggles on to see the world in a creative way. AFF promises to open the eyes of those who have not had the beautiful chance to see the endless capabilities there are to include people with disabilities. One of the ways we do this is through monthly free Paddle Days.

Adaptive Freedom Foundation will not slow down in the promise to continue to put Smiles on Faces and Hope in Hearts.

We hope you will join us.

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